Terms and Conditions


Your booking is made with Dalmatian Destinations Limited, (hereinafter called “The Company”) whose registered address is Artillery House, 1A Sloane Court East London SW3 4TQ UNITED KINGDOM.

Confirmation of your booking will not be given until receipt of the deposit monies.

The balance monies must be paid at least six weeks prior to departure date. If the balance monies are not paid we reserve the right to cancel your travel arrangements and retain your deposit.

The Company recommends you arrange your own Travel Insurance to provide sufficient cover to protect you. In the event of an emergency and where you are not in possession of adequate cover, The Company will offer all reasonable assistance, but it must be understood that you will be responsible for any costs involved. It is your responsibility that the insurance cover you purchase is adequate for the particular needs of you and your party. The Company does not check insurance policies.

Clients resident outside the United Kingdom are advised to arrange their own travel insurance. The Company will not be held liable for loss or damage suffered by the client whether insured or uninsured.

The Company will do everything in its power to advise you as quickly as possible of any alternatives if, for whatever reason, a change of travel arrangements has to be made. Aircraft, hotels, restaurants and Croatian airport transfer agents who supply all these services are at all times acting only as agents to the persons or The Company supplying the service. The Company will not accept any liability for injury, damage, loss, delays, inconvenience or extra expenses incurred by the client nor for any other claims due to the actions of any person or company providing such services.

In the event of any part of the arranged holiday being withdrawn or cancelled due to industrial action, civil disturbance, legal action, transportation delay, epidemic, earthquake, riot, war, exceptionally bad weather, or any other circumstances which are completely beyond the control of  The Company we reserve the right to withdraw or cancel the holiday or part thereof. If the holiday is cancelled less than four weeks prior to the departure date due to any of these aforementioned circumstances then we will offer either a comparable holiday, if something similar is available at the time, or a full refund less reasonable expenses incurred by The Company in relation to the booking. On commencement of your holiday The Company will not be liable for any loss, delay, inconvenience or extra expenses caused to the client for any reason beyond its control.

In the event that The Company is forced to cancel a specific holiday for any other reason, The Company undertakes to do its best to provide a mutually acceptable alternative holiday or a full refund. Any alternative holiday offered must be accepted within seven days of the offer being made otherwise the refund will be forwarded automatically.

The cancellation of a holiday should not take place less than 30 days prior to departure. Should a yacht not be available on time, requiring you to find overnight accommodation, the Charter Company will provide reasonable accommodation ashore excluding meals until the yacht is either repaired or becomes available. If the yacht is likely to remain out of service an alternative similar vessel (if available) will be provided (please see annex ¬ contract with the Charter Company).

If, after our Confirmation Invoice has been issued, you wish to change your travel arrangements in any way, for example your chosen departure date, accommodation, adding other persons to your group, we will do our utmost to make these changes, but it may not always be possible. You will be asked to pay an administration charge of £30 and any further cost we incur in the course of making any alterations. Please check whether your holiday insurance will cover any changes or increased costs resulting from a change. Should you request a major alteration within ten weeks or less prior to the departure date (such as a change of date or area) then this will be treated as a cancellation and re-booking. Minor alterations are carried out as a matter of course and this fee does not apply. Changes from the original booking to late availability or other special offers holidays will not be permitted.

A deposit of 50% of the full price of the charter should accompany the signed Charter Agreement. The balance must be received six weeks prior to departure. If the balance is not received by the due date The Company reserves the right to cancel the charter, retain the deposit and to levy cancellation charges according to the prescribed scale set out below. Bookings made within the six-week period must be paid in full at the time of booking.

The Company reserves the right to pass any surcharge onto the client without notice but accompanied by a full written explanation of the circumstances. The Company accepts payments by Sterling or Euro bank transfers only. The Company will accept other currencies subject to prior discussion. Cancellations must be made in writing accompanied by the return of all travel documents and must be received by the Company prior to the departure date to be valid.

Cancellation charges are payable as follows:

Should notice of cancellation of this Agreement be given by the CLIENT on or at any time before commencement of the Charter Period, or should the CLIENT fail after having been given notice to pay any amount payable under this Agreement and therefore receives notice of cancellation because of an overdue payment, the total amount of the charter fee received by the Dalmatian Destinations Ltd will be taken as cancellation fee.


The CLIENT is entitled to find an alternative person who will assign the CLIENT's Charter Agreement, in which case the CLIENT will be refunded for the amount of the charter fee which the Client will pay to the Owner for the assigned charter.


If the OWNER or his Central Agent finds a third party who will assign the CLIENT's cancelled Charter Agreement, the CLIENT will be refunded for the amount of the charter fee which will be received by the Owner for the assigned charter.


If the CLIENT has paid the full amount of the charter fee and there was no assignment of the Charter Agreement to a third party it will be presumed that the CLIENT has not cancelled the Agreement and the Vessel will be at the CLIENT's disposal during the charter period.


Should the CLIENT by his own will for any reason decide to disembark there will be no refund for a shortened charter period than the one originally booked.

In the event that you feel you have cause for complaint please report the matter to The Company and The Company will address it immediately with the Owner / Captain. If your complaint is not resolved locally, please follow this up within 14 days of your return home by writing to The Company, giving all the relevant information. Any dispute arising out of this complaint that cannot be resolved to the satisfaction of both parties shall be referred to arbitration.

It is advisable to be at the airport at least 2 hours before your flight departure. If you arrive less than 1 hour prior to departure you may be refused admission to the aircraft and therefore you will be entirely responsible for your own travel arrangements to the holiday destination. Neither the Company nor the airline will accept any responsibility for your failure to allow adequate time to reach the airport.

The charter companies we work with ensure that their boats and equipment are presented to you in the best possible condition.

By booking with Dalmatian Destinations Limited you agree to our Terms and Conditions